Emptiness within...

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190 cm  Hanging Scroll (faux silk mount is a vegan friendly product)
Black Ink Brushed on Xuan Paper.

‘Emptiness within oneself gives birth to pure Qi and a clear breeze, and is like meeting the Ancient masters.'

Brushed by Jia Li 
(Garry Gadsby)

Product Information

These large scrolls have an impressive presence all of their own...The more you ponder the meaning, and contemplate each character, the more you will feel its energy’.

The work I do is focused on a Meditative approach to life and all the pieces I create are designed to support and encourage those in pursuit of such a path, where the deeper meaning of these pithy statements may be realised.

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190 cm x 43 cm / 74.80 x 16.92 in 

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Material: This item is made of damask faux silk which is a vegan friendly material and xuan paper.

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