Only a thought...

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The text reads from top right down.

’This is merely (only) a thought...’

Brushed by Jia LI.

(Garry Gadsby)

This piece is a collection of some old and some ancient characters and is in the style of semi cursive and cursive scripts.

I select characters that I feel best suit the environment at the time of brushing.

Product Information

The work I do is focused on a Meditative approach to life and all the pieces I create are designed to support and encourage those in pursuit of such a path, where the deeper meaning of these pithy statements may be realised.

Size or Dimensions

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100 cm x 32 cm 

Product Details

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100 cm x 32 cm  Hanging Scroll
Black Ink Brushed on Xuan Paper.

Faux silk mounting which is a vegan friendly product.

Special Instructions

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